The Xelerator makes all other pull-up machines obsolete.

The Xelerator is an innovative piece of hybrid fitness equipment that works every muscle in the upper-body.

Multiple Machines in 1

The Xelerator is a fully-functional trainer that offers all of the benefits of a traditional assisted and unassisted pull-up machine. It also functions as a tricep dip and chest fly machine.

A Better Workout

The Xelerator offers a full upper-body workout that can fatigue multiple muscle groups at once, including hard-to-target back muscles. With The Xelerator's unique co-contacting “pull fly” movement, users can now work out the entire upper-body, including back (upper and lower), chest, biceps, abdominals, shoulders and forearms!

Make Your Gym Stand Out

Save space by replacing multiple machines with a single, innovative piece of equipment. The Xelerator is suitable for gym members of all abilities but will challenge your strongest members in a way other machines can't.
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