The Xelerator

Meet The Xelerator

The first hybrid fitness machine offering one fluid motion that taxes every muscle in the upper body.

The Xelerator was inspired by the bodyweight muscle-up, a true testament of strength that is perhaps one of the best upper-body movements. However, only a small small percentage of the population is capable of performing a bodyweight muscle-up.

The Xelerator offers all the strength benefits of the muscle-up and is accessible to everybody. Its seamless co-contracting movement known as the “pull fly” consists of a pull-up to work the lats and rhomboids and then a fly at the top of the motion to engage the chest.

By fatiguing multiple muscle groups at once, including hard-to-target back muscles, The Xelerator allows users to get a better workout in less time. And because it offers all of the functionality of traditional assisted and unassisted pull-up machines, tricep dip and chest fly machines, gym owners can replace multiple pieces of equipment with one innovative machine.


  • Height 105.0” inches
  • Frame width 28.5” inches
  • Fly arm width (widest part of the machine) 45.5 inches
  • Depth (length) front to back 54 inches
  • Base of the machine 28.5” wd x 54 lg
  • Machine weight (without weight stacks) 655lbs
  • Gravitron weight stack 215lbs
  • Fly arm weight stack 105lbs
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